The “Pagoni Maison des Cravates” initiated its activities having as founder Tassos Pagonis.

Being a child, the founder had an immense love, we could call it passion, to this male accessore called tie. Everything he was observing, was trying to visualize it in order to consist a creation of a tie. He had taste, immense talent to the colors and tremendous inspirations to the texture. For the first time the “Greek woven tie” was well known all over the world.


He created special ties, which had nothing to do with the models of that time. He was innovative. The Pagoni’s tie designs became immediately well known to the whole exquisite families of Athens.

The Pagonis Tie became fashion and his reputation surpassed the boarders of his countryHe created the design, the tissue production and the hand made sewing all by his own, at the beginning, and with permanent partner,after the War, his wife, Niki.


Niki Pagoni was owning a famous house of fashion during that time. They both  combined the love towards creation and perfection to the realization of the tie designs. For that reason, the success of Pagoni’s Tie is not accidental. At the the Pagoni Tie  was being displayed to the best shops of Athens with the personal presentation of the tie by Tassos Pagonis himself . After though the increasing demands of his numerous clientele, Tassos Pagonis decided to open his first store, all over the world, only with the ties labeled:Pagoni Maison Des Cravates, at  Constitution Square, 3, Filellinon Str.,Athens.


Many of the competitive area of male fashion thought that it could be his disaster because he could not stand the antagonism only with ties and bow ties. The answer to all these was the huge success of his own store. The citizens of Athens called his store the ‘’Pagoni Station’’, where  queues of his clients wanted to buy only the PAGONI TIE.


Tassos Pagonis became a master of tie for those who were occupied  with it in his country and not only. Famous International Fashion Groups, which had initiated their collaboration with him, were thanking him for his advice.


The recognition for Tassos Pagonis was international and he was smiling with satisfaction when he was watching others copying him, because, as he was saying: ‘’ copy increases the market standards’’.

His imagination and the quality to his ties were the fundamental elements that made him increase continuously his clientele in the competition and he was the only one who succeeded in making a profitable business in those difficult times.

He created another two stores of “Pagoni Maison Des Cravates” in 12 Voukourestiou Str. And 61, Acadimias Str.


Tassos and Niki Pagoni had two daughters, Marianna and Olia who were brought up  feeling the love for tie.We arrive in October 1969 when Tassos Pagonis, after so much tense to his job, he suffers from his first heart attack.


His family is one of the fewest, where the familiar links are so tight and for that reason the wound was deep. Olia goes to school. His eldest daughter  Marianna although she was not at her twenties yet, she feels the responsibilities of the company on her shoulders.


Marianna’s responsibilities were many and huge. The love for her father’s business  was sacred and it was healing all these responsibilities.


Olia Pagoni had already finished school and her studies to foreign languages she started to participate actively with the same eagerness and love with the Family stores but also with the production of ties. She is exclusively occupied afterwards with the historic store of 61, Acadimias Str., close to the Lyric Scene, which belongs to her up to now.In that way, the company was refreshed and the Pagoni’s Tradition continued. As an American Sociologist mentioned, “ the heart attack of Tassos Pagonis was the new beginning of Pagoni Maison Des Cravates.


New displays of the stores and new models of Marianna’s and Olia’s Pagoni creations with the spirit of their new age, close to the creations of their father, had a great success to “Pagoni Maison Des Cravates”.


The Pagoni Maison Des Cravates Enterprise designs, produces and sells its ties from its strores.

Tassos Pagonis holds, furthermore, the high supervision of the company until his death, on December 1989.


Although Marianna Pagoni is very young, she likes action, creation and she gets married to the businessman Marc Samouhos in 1975. Her husband helped her with his knowledge to make the right business decisions. Under such circumstances, she created her first business activity with a chain of stores in Greece and in Germany, by strengthening the firm of Pagoni Maison Des Cravates .

A part of Marianna’s activities dating from 1975 is the commercial gift Tie-Foulard. Together with the company’s collection, she collaborates and sells products of all the world-wide Fashion Groups, creating the biggest collection of executive ties.


Since 1994 the Third Generation of Pagoni Maison Des Cravates has initiated its activity. The daughter of Marcos and Marianna Samouhou-Pagoni, Elena , directs successfully the German branch of Pagoni Maison Des Cravates, situated at Dusseldorf, following at the same time the activities of the enterprise here, in Athens.


During its longliving history the Pagoni Maison DesCravates has dressed Presidents of the Greek Republic, politicians,artists, spiritual personalities gentle and famous persons, not exclusively only Greeks.The representation and distribution of famous International  Groups is one of the activities of the company.


The Group of the company has already the International label Pagoni Maison des Cravates.

Shops of the company with the international name in Greece are the following: 21A Voukourestiou Str.20, Sotiros Str, Pireaus, 285, KifisiasAven.,  Kifisia & 40A Metaxa Str., Glyfada.  


It is important to underline that Walt Disney has consigned to “Pagoni Maison Des Cravates” since 2002 the fabrication and distribution of Disney products ties, foulards, suspenders for Greece and Cyprus.


In addition, “Pagoni Maison Des Cravates” also represents special gadgets related to tie like the Motorized Tie Rack as well as the special  Tie Press.


For further information about the company and its products, please contact us to our offices  in  21α  Voukourestiou Str. Tel.+30 -  210 - 3627649, Fax:+30 - 210 - 3647343